Secure Server Certificates (SSL)

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates£399

  • Green address bar activation
  • Highest assurance level SSL
  • Increases visitor assurance
  • Visual Secure Status
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EV Certificates include the most company data and companies must meet the highest, most stringent requirements of SSL Certificate before receiving this.

They also lend the most credibility to your website by bringing your business's verified identity to focus - clearly displaying your company's name in a green address bar.

Organisation Validated (OV) Certificates£240

  • Padlock displayed in most browsers
  • Organisation identity included
  • Higher levels of trust
  • Minimum for eCommerce websites
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OV Certificates also include business authentication, meaning information about your company is included, however unlike EV Certificates, this information is not as prominently displayed.

In order to see your company's identity information, visitors need to view the certificate details within their browser.

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates£50

  • Padlock displayed in most browsers
  • No paperwork needed
  • Swift setup
  • best for blogs and simple websites
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DV Certificates are the most basic type of SSL Certificate, including the least amount of identity information in the certificate and only proving the website owner could demonstrate administrative control over the domain.

While DV Certificates offer session encryption, they don't include any company information.

* All prices shown are per annum and are in addition to any other hosting package charges

Secure Server Certificates

SSL infographic provided by the CA Security Council (CASC)