Website Hosting

Standard Hosting Features

All of our website hosting comes with the following as standard:

  • Choose either Windows or Linux
  • FREE POP3 Email Accounts
  • FREE Web-based Email
  • FREE ASP/PHP Configuration

Choose Your Package

Just choose the package from the table below that best suits your needs. If you are unsure, just get in touch and we'll help you to choose.

Email Only£65

  • FREE Domain Name
  • 10 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 10 Mail Forwarding Addresses
  • 10 Auto-Responders
  • 10 Multi-Recipient Addresses
  • Authenticated SMTP Outbound Email
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  • 750mb of Filespace
  • 25 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 25 Mail Forwarding Addresses
  • 25 Auto-Responders
  • 25 Multi-Recipient Addresses
  • Authenticated SMTP Outbound Email
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  • 2Gb of Filespace
  • 100 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 100 Mail Forwarding Addresses
  • 100 Auto-Responders
  • 100 Multi-Recipient Addresses
  • Authenticated SMTP Outbound Email
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  • 5Gb of Filespace
  • 150 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 150 Mail Forwarding Addresses
  • 150 Auto-Responders
  • 150 Multi-Recipient Addresses
  • Authenticated SMTP Outbound Email
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Email Account Upgrades

POP3 and trial IMAP email accounts come as standard with your website hosting; how many depends on your chosen package.

Your can upgrade any of your email accounts to full IMAP or Microsoft Exchange.

POP3 Email

Post Office Protocol

This is usually the standard and default mailbox that you will be provided with. A standard POP3 mailbox allows you to send and receive emails in the traditional fashion.

Emails you receive sit on a server waiting for you to download them to your computer. When you download them they are MOVED from the server and are then just available on your local computer. Like the Post Office delivering a letter, hence the name.

IMAP Email

Internet Message Access Protocol

If you are using a mobile device to pickup your email, we strongly suggest that you use an IMAP mailbox. This is the best solution if you are not sat at your desk on most days and want the flexibility of having your email available wherever you are.

IMAP mailboxes allow for multiple devices to log into the same account at the same time, so that you can see all of your emails wherever you are. Your emails live on a server so you just login to the server to see your emails.

Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange
eMail, Calendar and Contacts Software

With Microsoft Exchange as the mail server and Microsoft Outlook as your client, you can do more than send and receive email - you can share calendars, tasks, folders, documents and contacts. Outlook is available for your desktop, browser, and mobile device so you're always connected, whether you're in the office, traveling, or working from home.

Since you always connect to the same Exchange server, your inbox stays SYNCHRONISED, no matter which Outlook client you're using.

Email SPAM and Virus Filtering

SPAM Filtering operates on our powerful mail servers to provide the ultimate protection against email borne viruses and unsolicited email, commonly referred to as SPAM. SPAM Filtering can be fully configured to your own unique preferences, allowing full automation and real-time control over what you choose to allow into your mailbox, in turn increasing productivity and decreasing time wasted on filtering unwanted junk mail.

Our Spam + Virus filtering service has been designed with time, accuracy and simplicity as the key critical elements. From the second Spam + Virus filtering is enabled on your account, you can expect upwards of 98% of junk mail eradicated from your Inbox. With its self learning Bayesian database and point scoring engine, coupled with our proactive monitoring of new techniques employed by Spammers - thus ensuring new Spam is filtered without risking an increase to genuine (ham) mail.

Such is the power and accuracy of the filter that the likelihood of incorrectly identifying a message as spam is negligible and makes it nigh on impossible for spammers and virus writers to craft their messages to bypass the filters.

SPAM Filter Options

  • move
  • Quarantine
  • SPAM
  • Delete SPAM

Advanced SPAM Filter Settings

  • SPAM Filtering
  • Black Lists
  • White Lists
  • SPAM Statistics

Website Statistics

Knowing what is being viewed, by whom and how often is vital to understand how your website is performing.

  • SPAM Statistics
website statistics

Personal Control Panels

At the heart of your online business is our unique, in-house developed control panel allowing you to manage every aspect of your account with us with complete automation. It has been tailored to match our philosophies of simplicity, and is being continually upgraded in-line with our customers ideas and suggestions.

You can see all of your domain names, their registration details, renewal dates and the plan your are on.

Access our extensive help system and view our system status.


Database Upgrades

Data is at the heart of any successful website and delivering that data to your website is the job of a database.

We can support Microsoft Access, MySQL or SQL Server depending on your requirements. We can provide different sizes of database and can happily upgrade to a larger database as and when you need it.